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Personal/Internal Energy

The physical body is a storehouse and channel for energy. The center of our energy system is our chakras. The chakras are energy transfer points within the body, and are responsible for regulating the energy field of the body. There are seven major chakras located along the spine, 21 minor chakras (two are located in the palms of the hand), and there are over 101 other energy points located across the body. The chakras help to regulate the flow of energy within the body and to form the auric bodies. The auric bodies are basically shells of energy which surround the body. This energy field is known as the aura; some people like to call it the Human Energy Field. More on this later.

The body stores energy for normal and magickal use. In addition, the body can channel energy from outside sources to replenish itself and for use in magick. People tend to have three types of internal energy:

Life essence

Normal energy

Magickal energy

The life essence is the core of our energy system. This energy is rarely tapped.

The normal energy of the body is that energy that is used in everyday life. It is the easiest energy to replace, and is replenished through eating, resting, exercise, and other activities designed to restore/maintain the body/mind.

Every individual possesses magickal energy to some extent. As with normal energy, magickal energy can be developed and its capacity increased. Magickal energy is the energy gathered from the energy that permeates all things. Magickal energy can be used to increase normal energy. Magickal energy can also be replaced through rest, as well as through several exercises that will be discussed throughout this course of study.

A Warning on Energy

When working magick, both magickal energy and normal energy are used. Normal energy is used to fuel the body and to provide a vehicle for the movement of magickal energy. When the stored magickal energy is depleted, normal energy can be used in its place. As normal energy is used up (whether by magickal or non-magickal activity), the body becomes tired. If the body becomes too tired, illness can set in. If the normal energy is completely expended, the life essence can be drawn upon.

This is extremely dangerous, because if the level of the life essence drops too low then physical death can occur.Consider the previous sentence to be a major warning. When working magick, the individual must be careful to observe his/her energy level. As the energy level decreases, the amount of physical and magickal expenditures also need to decrease. If the energy level drops too low, then illness and/or death can occur. This is neither fiction nor a Hollywood drama—it can, has and will happen if you are not careful.

Sources of Energy Cont.

All living things and all items in creation contain energy. The ground, sky, rocks, crystals, trees, plants, animals, elemental forces, etc., all contain energy. The combined energy field of all things in creation can be tapped when working with magick. This combined energy field is often referred to as the ether.

All living beings have the potential to be able consciously to transfer energy to other people. This is most often seen through prayer and good wishes. Magickal people can send energy to other people. This type of energy forms the third type of energy listed. It is energy that is freely given.

The physical plane is not the only plane of existence. As seen in Lesson Two, there are three major planes of Being—physical, mental, and spiritual. These three planes can be further divided. Within the physical plane there are the elemental planes: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit/Ether. Within the mental plane there are other planes such as the astral plane. Energy can be drawn from these planes or forces. This energy is the fourth type of energy.

Within the spiritual planes there reside the higher beings. These are beings that do not exist in physical form unless they desire to manifest in that way.) There are many different entities on the spiritual level: elemental rulers, spirit guides, teachers, angels, demons, demigods, deities, etc. These entities can be petitioned for assistance and energy, though this method requires some type of compensation.

To use energy, you must first learn to sense the energy and then to control those senses.