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Energy Projection

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When working with magic there are different planes of energy the practitioner can learn to manipulate.  Your life force is that which runs through your veins.  It's the magnetic force created by billions of sub-atomic particles orbiting around each other in your blood stream.   Some have called it Chi or Ki.  It's the basis for many eastern disciplines including Gi Gung and Yoga.

In term of magic however, this magnetic force is used whenever you project or or attract energy on a spiritual level.  It's the universal law of equilibrium and the foundation of many magical works.  The exercises shown before this section should have given you a very good idea on how to control your blood flow and energy levels throughout your body.  This section shows you have to project that harnessed energy away from your body - using the life force in your blood as a canon in which in launch your high impact energy from.

One of the first steps in manipulating energy is the ability to project it. The projection of energy involves the following steps:

Summon the energy you will use

Think of what you want the energy to do.

See the energy leaving your body on a desired course and let it go.

Projecting energy in the essence of spell casting: black and white magic alike.  The rest of this section will teach you how to begin projecting simple types of energy.  Through your own work, training and practice you will begin to progress to the point of sending massive amounts of different types of energy, all to achieve the same or a common goal. 

In this same section, you will learn how to reabsorb projected energy, pool energy, gather energy and creating magickal circles. But before any of that, you must learn the basics...

Exercise 1 (Energy Projection)

Directing A Beam Of Energy

Extend your arm and forefinger.

Feel and see a blue glow at your fingertip. The energy will feel cool and soothing.

See and feel the energy jump from your fingertip and travel out in a line from your finger.

See the energy strike a desired point away from your body.

When you are ready to stop, see the beam of energy stop.

The beam of energy will rapidly (instantly) fade when you cease the projection. The point that was formed will dissipate slowly until you will it to dissipate more rapidly.

 Exercise 2 (Energy Projection)

Forming A Pool Of Energy

Perform Exercise 1 (Energy), steps 1 through 4.

See the energy collect into a pool or a spot.

Continue until you have a spot the size that you desire.

When ready to stop, see the beam of energy stop and allow the spot either to fade or to be reabsorbed into yourself.

One of the first practical applications of directing energy is forming a Level 1 Circle. A Circle is a protected and sacred area used to contain your energy and to keep negative influences away from you. It also helps to put you in a mindset for working magick. I define three levels of circles:

Level 1 – Base Circle

Level 2 – Base Circle + Quarters

Level 3 – Base Circle + Quarters + Deity

Circles are usually begun by facing to the East, since East is associated with the element Air, new beginnings, and inspiration. If you do not know the exact location of East ,do not worry—just choose a point and consider it to be East.

 Exercise 3 (Energy Projection)

Level 1 Circle, Standing In Place

Stand at the center of the circle that will be created.

Extend your arm and forefinger and see a blue glow at your fingertip.

See the beam of light strike the ground at the desired edge of the circle.

Slowly turn clockwise. As you turn, see a trail of blue light forming a circle.

Continue to turn clockwise until you reach the point from which you started and see the circle formed.

When the circle is formed, see the entire circle glowing with a blue light.

See the circle form itself into a sphere.

Know that the sphere will provide a protective barrier between the outer world and the inner space you have created.

 Exercise 4 (Energy Projection)

Level 1 Circle, Walking The Boundary Of The Circle

Use the procedures in Exercise 3 (Energy Projection), but instead of standing in the center of the circle, walk the boundary of the circle.


Reabsorbing Energy

To reabsorb energy, you must see/feel the energy and then draw it back into your body. Imagine yourself or a body appendage, such as your finger, as a focal point and see/feel the energy entering through that point.

Uncasting Level 1 Circle

Stand (or face) the beginning point.

Extend your arm and forefinger and point to the edge of the circle.

Walk counterclockwise (or rotate) and see/feel the blue light of the edge of the circle being drawn back through your fingertip.

Continue to walk or rotate until you reach the beginning of the circle.

Optionally, state that the circle is closed:

Once a good understanding and base for energy working has been developed, one can then move on to the creation of energy forms.  Creating energy forms, just like projecting energy, is used, for the most part, in spells, healing, divination and the likes.  The next section covers forming energy and sending energy to others for the purpose of healing, or maybe even something less nice...