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Energy Forming

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Once you can sense energy with any of your five basic senses, you can create energy forms. These energy forms are the basis of being able to form and direct energy. Creating the energy form can be broken into the following steps.

Create the object in your mind.

Project a mass of energy to a desired point or to your hand.

See the mass of energy slowly reform to the shape that is created in your mind.

To create an energy form, you must first decide what you want to create.

Create the image in your mind. See the object in as much detail as you can maintain.

Create an outline of the object in two dimensions.

Expand the two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object.

Observe the object from various directions, making sure that you have the form correct from all perspectives.

Add basic color to the object.

Add shading and texture.

Refine the object until you are satisfied in your mind with what you have formed.


Sending Energy to Others

When working magick, it is often desirable to send energy to someone - in one form or the other. This is especially true with healing work. Also, an individual may ask you to direct some energy their way. The direction of energy can be done as a passive act through positive thoughts and good will. It can also be accomplished through the more active method of projecting energy. Sending energy to an individual is nothing more than projecting energy and sending it to a desired location.

Sending someone positive energy to help them through the day may be a great use for this ability.  Sending someone negative energy who has done you wrong, or someone you love harm is another great use for this ability - depending where your ethics stand.

If you wish to aid/harm someone, but do not have their express permission, you can petition a higher force (if you believe in such a force) for intervention. For example, you could build a bundle of energy and then ask that the God and/or Goddess (or the archetype of deity) take that energy and use it as he/she sees fit to aid the individual in question. There is also another option wherein you send the energy to the person with the stipulation or message that the energy is there if he/she wishes to use it. Notice that the first option involves the help of a higher entity.

The second option prevents the energy from being absorbed by the individual until he/she desires it to happen. With such a working, the individual will know on some level that someone has sent them a "gift" of energy and may choose to accept it or not. Generally, that other level is the "higher self."

The following exercises/techniques are designed to help you send energy to other people.

 Exercise 1 (Passing Energy)

Passing Energy To Another Person Through Direct Contact

This technique requires another person, obviously.

Sit or stand close to each other.

Take the other person's hand in yours.

Feel and see the energy collecting in your hand—feel it as warmth or coolness.

Feel and see a white light or energy flow from your hand to the other individual.

Allow the flow to continue for as long as desired. When ready, feel the flow stop.

This exercise should produce a reaction in both participants. Generally, the receiver will feel a warmth.

Exercise 2 (Passing Energy)

Passing A Specific Type Of Energy (Hot Or Cold/Good Or Bad) To The Individual

Repeat Exercise 1 (Sending Energy), but visualize and feel with warm (red) or cold (blue) energy.

Repeat Exercise 1(Sending Energy), but instead of holding hands, have your hands separated by several inches.

Repeat the exercise again, but be separated by a few feet.

In each case, have the receiver tell you when they sense the energy reaching them.

Exercise 3 (Passing Energy)

Tossing Energy Spheres

Sit/stand a comfortable distance from each other.

In your hand, form a sphere of white light or energy.

Throw the sphere to the other individual. 

A variation on this exercise would be to have the other person have their eyes closed. You can also catch the energy and throw it back, just as you would a ball.